Powers Pumps is a sister company grown out of Powers Bros Machine. Our vision is to provide high-quality customer service by doing municipal pump repairs or offering new pump replacements if needed. Powers Pumps is the difference between good and exceptional customer satisfaction since our in-house machine shop is always available. Our machining capabilities are truly limitless, which will help keep your costs down. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so we not only offer industrial pump repair and new equipment but preventative maintenance to ensure our customers are always ahead of any critical failure.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and the ability to put customers before profit. The partnerships we have with well-known brands and having the capability to do any industrial pump repair make us very competitive. We can offer solutions for our customers to help keep the water flow going. Whether it’s sewage, lift stations, or freshwater, we are here for you. Our focus is restoring your industrial pump to factory satisfaction, making pump repair a feasible option. Powers Pumps runs off of eco-friendly, family values, and customer satisfaction. Let us be the solution to your pumping systems.