Mody Pumps has been actively involved in the Dewatering Market for half a century. There are numerous construction sites where continuous developments are taking place across the globe, such as shopping centers, industrial parks, residential housing, highway construction, and land reclamation. These present several growing business opportunities for submersible pumps around the world..


It is well known that thousands of water and wastewater facilities collectively spend billions of dollars each year for maintenance, improvement, and new systems. Wastewater facilities will require upgrades within the next 20 years. Upgrades require trillions of dollars to maintain clean and safe water through the 21st century. The potential business aspects associated with these facts will present significant opportunities soon.


Mody carries a complete line of heavy-duty slurry pumps with high abrasion resistance Chrome Iron wet ends and agitators to effectively handle the heaviest of slurries up to 70% solids by weight.