The original Centrifugal Impeller

Hidrostal is the inventor of the screw centrifugal impeller and is totally dedicated to its development and improvement. For more than 50 years Hidrostal AG have conducted a continuous research and development program resulting in a technology advantage in handling difficult materials. This has lead to a family of pumps being developed with variations of the screw centrifugal impeller to solve specific pumping problems.

Hidrostal has over 50 years of experience in fish handling and in the development of their pumps. The exclusive features of Hidrostal pumps include:

  • A large, smooth open channel with no abrupt changes of direction allows the fish to move through the pump from suction to discharge without damage.
  • An open channel design allows passage of large fish and also provides continuous non-clog operation to minimize downtime.
  • An enclosed impeller design prevents fish from contact with suction cover, eliminating the damage to both small and large fish.