ESSCO is a member of the Hydraulic Institute, and all performance tests are conducted to meet the standards set forth by the Institute. All ESSCO pumps are cast, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the United States.

Vortex Pumps

The principle of operation for a 100% recessed impeller vortex pump is straightforward. The impeller spins in an area of the volute that is entirely out of the fluid flow path. The spinning creates a vortex similar to that found in a toilet bowl when it is flushed. Since the impeller is not in the flow path of the volute, the pump is ideal for handling liquids that contain long stringy solids, large-diameter solids, slurries, or a combination of all of these without plugging up. Whatever goes into the pump suction will be pumped out as long as the solids are smaller than the discharge connection.